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Rabbi's Monthly Message

Rabbi's Monthly Message

These messages appear in the Solon Chabad monthly newsletters


August 2017

   The Temple Mount

This week there was big conflict on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem between Jews and Arabs.  Simultaneously there is an ongoing Jewish conflict about the Kotel, the Western Wall.

What is it about this site that attracts and brings out strong sentiments from people of all nationalities and religions?   

According to tradition, the Ark of the Covenant was hidden in the tunnels of Temple Mount a short time before the destruction of the First Temple, 586 BCE. The Two Tablets that are still somewhere on that site, are a magnet that draws people from all walks of life.  This Tisha Bav, the day we mourn the Temple’s destruction, let us pray that this magnet brings us together.

                                                                                                         - Rabbi Zushe Greenberg

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