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Articles Written By Rabbi Greenberg

Articles Written By Rabbi Greenberg

These articles were printed in the Cleveland Jewish News and other newspapers


Insights on the
Weekly Torah Portion
Inspirational Articles

‘Yes, for this we came!’

Let there be a new beginning

  In the presence of a Holy Man
  A Jew in disguise
- Parshat Toldot

Remembering Sharon,
tefillin campaign of 1967
G‑d follows you everywhere 
- Parshat Vayatzay

Responsibility for our brethren
The deed for the land 
- Parshat Vayishlach 

My Father’s Handwritten Machzor
An orphan's bar mitzvah
- Parshat Vayeshev

Israel and the mezuza; there is a connection
G‑d should get the credit
- Parshat Mikaytz

The Rebbe sets a living example
for the entire world
The Art of Illuminating Jewish Souls
- Chanukah

The Rebbe's message: Caring is contagious

Don't Worry - Let G‑d Worry
- Parshat Behar 

Happy moments, memories with
the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Engraving Judaism into our lives
- Parshat Bechukotai

Risking lives for the education of others
How to become a Levi
- Parshat Bamidbar

A Small Jew From Curacao 
and the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Give Me a Blessing
- Parshat Naso

An Unusual Guest At Our Model Seder
It's never too late to get closer to G‑d
- Parshat Bahaalotcha

The Tefillin that helped cope 
with Life and with Death
G‑d deserves the best
- Parshat Shelach

Recollection from an International 
Conference of Chabad Rabbis 
A mitzvah is not just a good deed 
- Parshat Korach

The Traveling Scribe
Thank you, G‑d, for more than miracles
 -Parshat Chukat

  A Unique Conference Call
It's a Good World, After All!
- Parshat Balak


The special role of Jewish women
- Parshat Pinchos

Think Good
- Parshat Matot

Be a Real Mentsch
- Parshat Masei

Traveling tips from the Torah
- Parshat Masei


Replacing What We Lost in the Temple
-Parshat Devarim 

Real 10 Commandment Not Like The Movie 
- Parshat Va'etchanan

Living in Amazing Times
 - Parshat Eikev

A Kabbalistic Look at Chewed Cud, Split Hooves
- Parshat Re'eh

Don't Be Nosy!
- Parsat Shoftim

Trust Your Gut Feeling
- Parshat Ki Teitzei