2019 Kiddush Sponsor Calendar at Solon Chabad
Please check the chart below to see if the date that you prefer is available.

November 2019
Date Parsha Sponsored By Occasion


Stephanie & Jared
In honor of their son Nate's
Bar Mitzvah
9 Lech-Lecha
Caryn Groedel


In honor of Rabbi & Miriam Greenberg, and the friends
I’ve made at Chabad over the years

16 Vayeirah Anne & Steve August 
In honor of their son Heath's
Bar Mitzvah
23 Chayei-Sarah
Ron Lisan

In honor of his mother Selma and in memory of his father Philip 
30 Toldot

Debi & Howard Slater
In honor of the Solon Chabad community

December 2019
Date Parsha Sponsored By Occasion
7 Vayeitzei
Sherry & Mark

14 Vayishlach
Ruthy Wolfson

In honor of the  Yahrtzeit of her parents,
Tova & Abraham 
21 Vayeishev
Marla & Lane

Celebrating our many Simchas in 2019

28 Miketz