January 2006

February 2006


Steven Spielberg has made waves once again. But this time he got his Jewish brethren mad! Spielberg may argue that he's just being objective - no one should think that just because he's Jewish, he always has to side with Israel.

I beg to differ. When it comes to children, I have yet to meet the parent that is truly objective! The love we have for our children blinds us. At times it's even a bit overboard.

When it comes to the Jewish people, we are one family. Especially with the anti-Semitism on the rise - how can a Jew dare to be objective?

Ben Shalom!

"Jews control all the finances of the world!" Whenever we hear this accusation , we alternate between anger at the anti-Semitism and laughter at its foolishness. But is there any truth at all to this?

Look who was the past chairman of the Federal Reserve - A Jew named Greenspan. And now that he retired, who was just appointed to replace him? Ben Shalom Bernanke (Can you get any more Jewish than this?)

We may not control the world 's finances, but G‑d sure does put us in influential positions! And, as with everything else, it must be for a purpose. If we are to be a Light Unto the Nations, it sure helps to have leadership positions that command respect. Thus it is our double responsibility to utilize the opportunites and show the way!

March 2006

April 2006

Holocaust Denier

 An Austrian court just sent Holocaust denier, David Irving, behind bars for three years. We really shouldn't be too concerned about people who try to rewrite history for they will never succeed.

You can refute a photo, claim that certain documents are forged, but there is one reality that cannot be ignored - and that is millions of eyewitnesses.

Throughout history, many people tried to refute the authenticity of the Torah - questioning the miracles of the Exodus, and arguing that there are no proofs to the journey of the children of Israel in the desert.

Yet, there is on reality that cannot be ignored - that is millions of eyewitnesses!

Israeli Elections

 The elections this week in Israel, surprised us with the lowest voter turnout ever in Israel's short history. In a country like Israel, where elections are more like a referendum of life and death issues, not voting is a luxury one cannot afford.

In the Jewish nation, many levels of religious observance can be found, but to be totally oblivious to ones Jewish heritage is not an option. Indifference is a luxury thaat a small nation like ourselves cannot afford. Just as in the elections, a decision made (or not made) in our personal lives has an impact on the entire Jewish people.

Do something - anything! Just get involved!! 

May 2006 June 2006


If you haven't yet heard this name, then you must be over the age of 22.

A Jewish Reggae singer found his way to Judaism, and now with a black hat and beard, brings Jewish and G‑dly messages to millions all over the world! I personally can't understand a word that he sings , but then again, perhaps I'm out of touch!

Matisyahu has been raising eyebrows by Jews who feel that Reggae music and Jewish values are not a match.

The Rebbe, however, taught us that everything in the world was created for the sake of G‑d and should be used as a vehicle to serve G‑d. What is Reggae music for if not to teach about morals and values?!?

Go Matisyahu!!

American Idol

According to the media, 63 million people recently voted for the American Idol!!

The majority obviously voted for Taylor Hicks, but plenty of voters didn't agree and opted for other candidates.

In contrast, over 3318 years ago, on the holiday of Shavuot, another kind of vote took place. Approximately 3 million Jews stood at the foot of Mount Sinai and unanimously cast their voted to accept the Almighty as their G‑d.

This year, as the holiday of Shavuot comes around, and we celebrate the Giving of the Torah, join Jews all over the world as we choose G‑d once again!

July 2006 August 2006

The Rebbe - a living example

There are many methods of educating, or passing on a message.

Some teachers preach, others speak inspiring words, and then you have the creative people who use hands-on methods. All these are excellent for transmitting information, but when it comes to teaching morality; teaching a way of life, none of these methods are strong enough.

The Rebbe (lit. teacher in Hebrew) changed many lives, but not by preaching and not by lecturing. He was simply a living example. His love for each and every Jew and his self sacrifice for the ideals of Judaism inspired a whole generation.

As we commemorate his 12th Yahrtzeit, it would be timely to reflect on his exemplary life and let ourselves be inspired once again.

Israel at War

Lately, many of us have added an item to our morning routine – checking the news from Israel.  It’s heartbreaking to read of the young Jewish boys dying on the battlefield in Lebanon and we keep wondering what WE can do to help.

Above and beyond the usual financial and moral support that we should offer to Israel, there is a spiritual support that we can offer as well. According to Kabbalah, each mitzvah has a unique nature that can affect certain aspects of our lives.

The Talmud tells us that observing the mitzvah of Tefillin brings fear to our enemies as well as success to our soldiers on the battlefield. A Jew in Solon putting on Tefillin, actually helps the Israeli soldiers in Lebanon win the war. Let’s join the army!

September 2006 October 2006

Torah Celebration 

Have you ever seen two Jews agree on anything? It's a known fact that the Jewish people argue about everthing under the sun - and more.

There is one exception. It's the Torah Scroll. Visit a Synagogue in any country, open the Ark and you will find the same exact texts, word for word.

The Torah is a unting factor and a common denominator that brings together Jews from all walks of life. No wonder a new Torah is such a cause for celebration. More that we celebrate the arrival of a new Torah, we celebrate the unity that it represents.

This September 10th, Solon Chabad will celebrate the dedication of a new Torah. I would like to personally invite you and all your friends to this once in a lifetime experience. the Torah belongs to all of us!


What was the talk around your Rosh Hashana table? In many homes, the discussion was centered around Israel and the future of the Jewish people. The words of the President of Iran were fresh on everyone's mind. Many wonder, "What kind of world will our children live in?"

For kids listening in to the adult's conversation, the world seems bleak. What lays ahead for the young teenager to look forward to? How will this kind of talk influence his attitude towards his Jewish identity?

Try taking a business approach. Rule #1 of successful enterprises is optimism. It's going to be successful! We'll make it!! Not only does this encourage and inspire all the employees but it makes it happen.

The Jewish people is your business - get the right attitude!

November 2006 December 2006


As election day approaches, we are showered with promises from the various politicians. They will lower taxes, solve the health care crisis, cure the economy and help bring new jobs to your area.

Then comes the day after! The politicians are nowhere to be found, promises are forgotten and we, the constituents, are once again disappointed.

Just a moment – think about this: are we not the same? Take a look at the recent High Holiday season. On Yom Kippur, we stand before G‑d and make all kinds of promises. “Give us a good year, make sure our family is healthy and our business goes well, and in return we will….“

Let’s not play politics with G‑d. Let’s make sure that not only does G‑d hear our promises, but that we hear them too!

A Major Holiday?!

Don't feel guilty - there is no Mitzvah to suffer! On the the contrary, Judaism is a religion of joy and celebration and Chanukah is the crown of joyous holidays. The whole message of Chanukah is of light and growth. Each day we add an additional candle, inspiring us to add more light to the world.

While you are enjoying your latke and dreidle, add some light to your menorah, a mitzvah to your Jewish repertoire and some spirituality to the world around you. Be a Chanukah Jew! 

We don't have to sit still during long hours of services; no long sermons. There are no days spent cleaning our houses or building a sukkah and certainly no fasting necessary. Is there any wonder why we all love the holiday of Chanukah?