December 2023
The Case for Israel…
… is the title of a book written by Professor Alan Dershowitz. I think the true answer was written 900 years ago, by Rashi, one of the most famous Bible commentators.

In his very first commentary on the Torah, Rashi provides the answer to the burning question of our right to the Land of Israel.

He says, “If the nations of the world say to the people of Israel, ‘You are thieves, for having conquered the lands of Canaan,’ they would reply, ‘The entire world is G‑d’s.  G‑d created it and granted it to whoever He desired. It was G‑d’s will to take it from them and give it to us.’”

The Bible is our DEED for the land of Israel. 

November 2023
What can we do…

The war in Israel has shaken up our world as we know it.  We are all stressed and distressed and wonder what we can do to make a difference.   

There are the obvious efforts such as supporting the soldiers, praying for our brethren under fire, donning Tefillin and affixing Mezuzahs on our doors, as well as  political activism. But in the long run, the biggest help that we can offer to the Jewish people as a whole, is to strengthen our own communities.  

Thriving Jewish communities all over the world, is the best insurance for the survival of the Jewish people.   Make sure that you are actively involved! 


October 2023
Buy your wife jewelry…

Sukkot is a happy holiday! For a full eight days, it’s actually a mitzvah to rejoice. How do you achieve that?

According to Jewish law, happiness must be celebrated in tangible ways: men are supposed to drink at least a 4 oz of wine each day of Sukkot, woman should get gifts and children be given treats.

But the best way to achieve joy is by celebrating with friends. We just built a new extra large Sukkah at SolonChabad – make sure you stop in any time during the holiday.  There will be
a Lulav for you to bless and desserts to enjoy.

September 2023
My Mother

The last few weeks since  the passing of my mother, I realized what an impact one person can have on the world. 

One Jewish woman dedicated her life to raising a houseful of children, and the outcome is more than anyone could ever imagine.

Today, there are over 50 Chabad centers, led by her children and grandchildren around the globe.

When someone passes away, we light a candle which represents a soul.  Thanks to my mother’s devotion, countless Jewish souls were lit.  What a legacy! 

August 2023

The news from Israel can be defined in one word: “Tragedy.”  When Jews fight with other Jews, it’s a tragedy. 

How should we approach this dispute or any kind of disagreements?   If my own child were on the other side of the argument, I would find a way to prevent differences of opinion from ruining the relationship. I would do everything in my power to maintain the peace in my family. 
So, next time we encounter a Jew who strongly disagrees with us, we should ask ourselves: “And what if it were my own son or daughter?”

For the Jewish nation, unity is not a luxury – it’s a matter of survival.


July 2023
Jewish Instinct 

I’m writing this column as I’m observing my father’s 10th Yahrtzeit.  I grew up on the stories of his years in the Russian gulag; how he risked his life multiple times in order to observe Jewish traditions and ritual.

Jewish law does not demand that a Jew should put his life at risk for a Mitzvah; on the contrary, many opinions say that it’s not permitted. So why did he do it?

The honest answer is that this wasn’t a rational decision. His Jewish instinct just took over and he couldn’t bring himself to violate Shabbat or Kosher laws.

All of us possess that Jewish instinct and it kicks in, in the most unexpected moments!  

June 2023
Don’t Put up a Wall

In the 60’s, Rabbi Tzvi Greenwald, a charismatic Chabad Rabbi, used to visit Kibbutzim all over Israel to share Judaism with the members. He once told the Rebbe, that some were criticizing his non judgmental approach.  They argued  that he should be reprimanding the Kibbutzniks for their lack of Jewish observance.

The Rebbe looked at him very seriously and said, “The moment you criticize them, you will put up a wall between you, and then you will never be able to reach them!”

This coming month we will be observing the 29th Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe, of righteous memory. Let’s adopt his approach – when you meet another Jew, don’t put up a wall!

May 2023
Artificial Intelligence 

AI is actually very cool! You want to compose a beautiful letter – just go to Chat GPT and it’s done.  No need to think anymore; the computer does it for you.

Science already figured out how to make machines labor for us, and now they can even think for us. Are we useless?

In Judaism, the human being has no replacement.  We need 10 men for a minyan.  A computer can’t light candles on Friday night; or kiss a mezuzah.

G‑d wants humans with free will to recognize Him and connect to Him through Mitzvot.

No robot will ever be able to replace a Jew.

April 2023
It’s A Miracle 

As we get closer to the Inauguration Gala for the new Social Hall this Sunday, it has become obvious how much the  new building was sorely needed.  The entire addition is used each day of the week for Preschool events and performances, Adult Education, Hebrew School programming & of course, the Kiddush lunches & Holiday parties.

Join us to celebrate on April 2nd, the 121st birthday of the Rebbe.  What a fitting day to celebrate the miracle of Solon Chabad. 

March 2023
What’s Your Destiny?
In the Purim story, when Queen Esther was asked by Mordechai to plead with the king on behalf of the Jewish people, she hesitated. “I wasn’t summoned to the king for thirty days and whoever appears unsummoned, is punished by death.“ 

Mordechai responded, “The Jews will be saved one way or another, but who knows if this isn’t the whole purpose of your royal role!?”

Every one of us has a purpose in this world. We need to ask ourselves what is our ‘royal role’ at this stage of our life.

February 2023

February 1st, seventy two years ago, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the Rebbe, O.B.M. was inaugurated as the leader of the worldwide Chabad movement.

It was exactly one year after the passing of his predecessor and father in law, the Previous Rebbe.

In his inauguration address, the Rebbe made his mission statement clear: The way that one can connect with G‑d, is by sharing his Jewish experience with others.

Today, in his honor, reach out to another Jew!

January 2023

Election Tricks
The Jewish community in New York was shocked to discover that a Congressman that claimed that he was Jewish and a descendant  of Holocaust survivors, lied about his identity. 

I'm sure this news will be dealt with on the local level, but there is an interesting phenomenon in this story.  Fifty years ago, many Jewish politicians tried to cover up their Jewish origins to help their chances to be elected. 

Today, a non-Jewish politician claims to be Jewish, in order to improve his chances at being elected.  What a difference!