Solon Chabad endures as Jewish hub

The Chabad Jewish Center of Solon, more commonly known as the Solon Chabad, has been a staple for the Jewish community in Solon for more than 25 years. As other Jewish entities in the area have come and gone, Rabbi Zushe Greenberg said the Solon Chabad has stood the test of time because of the relationships cultivated there.

“I believe that the No. 1 attraction of Solon Chabad is the personal relationships that all of the families have with (my wife) Miriam and myself,” he said. “They know that there is someone that is there for their family, who really cares for their children and is reachable at all times. Solon Chabad is kind of a mom-and-pop shop where every customer feels at home.”

Greenberg said the approach of sharing Jewish experiences regardless of background or affiliation creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Solon Chabad, which allows them to serve better.

“The secret to the Solon Chabad is that this is a place where being Jewish is a lot of fun,” he said. “We were lucky to attract young families that were excited about creating a community where long lasting friendships were formed and their children could be raised in a fun and vibrant Jewish environment.”

Solon Chabad also offers many programs, which Greenberg said are for every age and milestone in life. The programs include preschool, Hebrew school, summer camps, afterschool care programs, family services and holiday celebrations.

Greenberg said Solon Chabad has played a vital role in the city. As Northeast Ohio's Jewish population moved to Solon over the years, Solon Chabad provided community where some felt a Jewish presence was lacking.

“Solon Chabad filled this void by providing a Jewish anchor and fulfilling the Jewish needs for the residents,” he said. “Since we have been here for so many years, we formed many strong bonds and long-lasting relationships. The community knows that they can count on Solon Chabad for many years to come.”

Looking ahead, Solon Chabad leaders are looking south. Since many families that move to Solon come from Twinsburg, Greenberg said, Solon Chabad has plans to create a Chabad in that area.

“The Jewish population is growing steadily yet there is no Jewish presence there,” he said. “In time for the upcoming High Holidays, our son Rabbi Mendy and his wife Mussie Greenberg will be launching the start of the Twinsburg Chabad together with their newborn daughter, Rochel, as a new beginning.”