January 2105
Statue of Liberty

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the Chabad Menorah lighting that took place on the White House front lawn this year.

He mentioned that America was influenced by Jewish values and he recited the quote on the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your hungry, your tired, your poor,” that was written by a Jewish woman, Emma Lazarus.

Though Chanukah is over, the message of the lights needs to come with us for the rest of the year. We must continue to be a shining example to the society around us, and make sure that we are always a “light unto the nations.”

February 2105
David Blatt

Last week, David Blatt, coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers was asked what changed that is bringing about the team’s recent victories? He answered in Hebrew, quoting a famous saying that it was a “self fulfilling prophecy.” This was the what we planned and therefore it came to be!

In Chassidic terminology, there is a similar saying in yiddish, coined by the 3rd Chabad Rebbe, “tracht gut vet zayn gut” meaning, Think good and it will be good.

Next time you are faced with a challenge, just remember that positive thinking can shape our destiny. If David Blatt can do it, we can do it too!

March 2105
Not just for kids

Purim is a holiday that children look forward to – they can dress up, get baskets of food, make noise with a gragger and party all day long.

In truth, Purim was not a ‘kinder spiel’ (kid’s play.) Haman was not playing around – he was dead serious when he issued the decree to annihilate the Jewish people.

Now that the miracle took place and the Jewish people were saved, it’s time for each and every one of us, young and old, to celebrate Purim and thank G‑d for his deliverance.

Not just the kids!

April 2015
A knock on the door

The whole world is disturbed by the copilot who was locked out of the cockpit that led to the terrible tragedy in Europe. He was knocking on the door to no avail.

The Rebbe taught us to always have an ‘Open Door’ policy. If a Jew ‘knocks’on our door, no matter how busy we are, we open the door wide and welcome him/her into our life.

In turn, G‑d will also practice the ‘Open Door’ policy. Whenever we knock at His door, He will always open for us and take care of our needs.

This Passover, let’s practice this Open Door policy.

May 2015
The Cavs are winning
The Cavs are winning game after game and finally made it to Playoffs, and now the sky is the limit. These days, more than ever, we are proud to be Clevelanders.

On May 7th we will celebrate Lag Baomer. This is a holiday that is meant to bring Jewish pride to our youth. In many cities, there are Lag Baomer Parades out on the public streets, with music and beautiful floats depicting Jewish objects and traditions.

If there’s one important ingredient that can make a difference in our children’s association with Judaism; it’s Jewish pride.
Join us to celebrate Lag Baomer!

June 2015
The Rebbe

I am often asked why the Rebbe has no successor. In most leadership positions, when one leader goes, another fills the spot. But the Rebbe is different.

A few years ago, Forbes Magazine of Israel made a list of the 10 most influential Rabbis and the Lubavitcher Rebbe was one of them. They explained that even though he had already passed on years before, he still influences many many people.

As we approach the 21st Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe, it’s clear that his inspiration continues to shape the direction of the Jewish world even today.

July 2015
Almost 16 Million

The Jewish population in the world before World War II was numbered at more than 16 million. Now, 70 years later, we are back to the same numbers.

What’s the secret that after losing 6 million in the worst catastrophe that we ever endured, in a mere 70 years we are not just back on our feet, but we regained the lost numbers?

The Jewish people may have lost a third of the nation, but they never lost their sense of mission. We always knew that we could not afford to give up or fall into despair; we must go on and rebuild a glorious Jewish world.

August 2015
Solon – “Jerusalem” for Jews

The Cleveland Jewish News dedicated a whole section of the newspaper spotlighting on Solon. They reported that Solon has become ‘the Mecca’ for Jews.

Our goal is to turn Solon into the ‘Jerusalem’ for Jews. When a person visits Jerusalem, he/she often experiences a spiritual awakening that inspires for months and years to come.

Solon Chabad is trying to serve as a micro-Jerusalem for the Jewish families in this area. For the spiritual awakening, Jerusalem should still be your destination, but for a daily dose of inspiration, just stop in right here!

September 2015
The Yiddishe Mama

The President of Egypt, Abdel El-Sisi lost his mother recently. There are stubborn rumors surfacing that she was born Jewish in Morocco. Obviously, the Egyptian President is denying it.

What’s interesting is that whenever El-Sisi speaks about his mother, he tears up and talks with love and affection about her. He credits her for raising him to be open minded and compassionate.

Isn’t this typical for Jewish men to speak fondly of their mother? To me, this is the best proof that she was a Yiddishe Mama.

October 2015
Lunar Eclipse

The world held its breath this week watching the rare Supermoon Lunar Eclipse.us Jews, this event has a special connection.

The existence of the Jewish people is compared to the moon.as the moon waxes and wanes, so too is the state of the Jewish people. We may have our ups and downs, but we’re here for good.

And just as the moon is really a reflection of the sun, so too the actions of the Jewish nation has to reflect the morals of G‑d and the Torah.’s be a full moon!

November 2015

Changing the Clock

November 1st we got an extra hour of sleep. For some, it’s a sign that winter is arriving and they get sad or even depressed.

Judaism takes a different approach. The Talmud says, “the night was created to study Torah. The longer the night is, the greater the opportunity.”

In the olden days, people worked until day light ended, so the longer winter nights, meant more time for intellectual pursuits.

Even in today’s day and age, the winter keeps us indoors for longer, so let’s make good use of this time.

December 2015
The World is Shaking

When you listen to the news, we hear about turmoil and chaos from all different corners of the world. Terrorist attacks, show downs between countries, and random shooting sprees are the new norm.

This can cause us to despair and feel hopelessness, but let’s not forget that Chanukah, the holiday of lights, is approaching. The lights of the candles represent the light of Hope. They remind us that the few overcame the many, and light stood up to the forces of darkness. Make sure your house is illuminated with the warmth and light of the Menorah.