March 2021

DNA vs. mRNA

The FDA just approved the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.  What is unique about this vaccine is that it uses the traditional vaccination method – injecting a minute amount of the virus into the body to fight the disease.

This concept is exactly how Chassidic philosophy views the world.  The goal is to turn every negative force in the world into a positive one.   The virus itself is used as the cure.  We are not fighting darkness; we turn the darkness into light.

When a challenge confronts a person, the lesson is not to surrender and not even to fight.  Just mobilize it to your advantage.

February 2021
Israel as a Case Study

The world is watching Israel and its vaccination campaign to see when the turning point of the pandemic will take place.  

This is not the first time that Israel is on the world’s radar. Ever since G‑d entrusted His people to be a Light unto the Nations, the eyes of the world are directed towards the Holy Land.

This is true about every individual, as well.  We should take into consideration that someone is watching every move that we make – and judging all the Jewish people by our conduct.  Let’s make each other proud! 

January 2021
A Jewish Wish

On Rosh Hashana eve, in many Sephardic communities a famous poem is recited as the opening prayer of the High Holiday service.  This poem was composed in the 13th century by a Spanish Cantor, named Abraham of Gerona and it is chanted as the sun sets over the past year and the New Year begins.

One of the lines in the poem became a famous Jewish New Year’s wish, “May this year and its troubles soon be over and a new one begin with its blessings.”

Even though we celebrated our New Year a few months ago on Rosh Hashana, as we approach 2021,  I will still wish all of us and the rest of the world; “May this year and its troubles soon be over and a new one begin with its blessings.”