December 2021


The latest variant of covid was supposed to be named NU, which is the next letter in the Greek Alphabet. For some reason, the WHO skipped over NU (and XI) and went straight to the following letter, Omicron.

The word “NU” in Yiddish consists only of two letters but it has so much meaning; Nu, when is our food coming?  Or, Nu, Doctor, how is my mother’s health? 

We are thankful that there is no variant with a Jewish name, but by Divine Providence Nu has made it to the news.  

Perhaps G‑d is posing the question to us,
Nu… when were you last in shul?

November 2021

The Rebbe's Army

When the Rebbe sent the first Chabad emissary (shliach) to Morocco in 1950, no one could even imagine that seventy years later Chabad emissaries would be in every corner of the globe and number over 5,000 strong.

Chabad doesn’t provide the young couple with any material assistance, but they take along with them 300 years of Chassidic teachings that all boil down to one belief; unconditional love and acceptance of every Jew.

This past weekend, in New York, I joined the Shluchim who came together from all over the world to celebrate the renaissance of Judaism and remind ourselves how lucky we are to be part of the Rebbe’s army.

October 2021

New Beginnings

Graduations are always celebrated excitedly; Preschool Graduations, High School, College graduation etc.

In Judaism, we celebrate beginnings; Bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Weddings; starting a new chapter in your life.  Jewish school celebrations traditionally revolved around beginnings : children receiving their first Siddur or when starting to learn Torah.

This coming Shabbat we begin the Torah all the way from “In the beginning.”  Join us for this Genesis.


September 2021


As most of you have experienced, prior to Covid-19, our High Holiday services have been standing room only and our sanctuary is unable to accommodate all who wish to attend.

This was one of the motivations to build a social hall which will be fifty percent larger than the current sanctuary.  

In addition, the social hall will host all Solon Chabad holiday events as well 
as bar mitzvahs and other lifecycle celebrations. 

Please join us Sunday, September 5th at 10:00 am to celebrate a new beginning at Solon Chabad.   Mazel Tov! 

August 2021

Jackie Mason
A week ago, the famous Jewish comedian, Jackie Mason passed away at the age of 93.

Mason grew up in a religious home and was a rabbi in his youth and then went on to become a world renowned comedian. 

In one of his performances, he shared his experiences with the Rebbe. He related that he had originally been worried about seeing the Rebbe, whom he figured would just berate him “to be a better Jew.” Instead, the Rebbe wished him success in making people happy.

We may never be Jackie Mason’s, but every one of us can make someone happy!

July 2021

Surfside Tragedy
There is an old superstition that bad things come in Threes.  This certainly seemed true when the Condo collapsed in Florida, bringing the number of recent collapses in the Jewish community to three.  Many people asked if Judaism also believes in it.

In 1992, there were three untimely deaths of women in the global Chabad community.  The Rebbe was asked to pray for the community since there were three tragic events in a row.

The Rebbe answered that in Judaism we only link good events.  When bad things happen, they each stand alone and we don’t expect them to come in Threes!  

In Judaism, the number three is a sign for good luck.   In the memory of those who lost their lives in the recent tragedies, let’s do Mitzvos in Threes! 

June 2021

Pew Report 2020
The Pew Report that was just released is packed with concerning data regarding the trends of the US Jewish community. 

But there was also positive news there. 38% of all US Jews have engaged in some way with Chabad programs. 40% of those are active on a regular or semi-regular basis. 75% of those who are involved with Chabad do not self-identify as Orthodox. The younger the segment, the more connected they are with Chabad.

All of this is due to the extraordinary vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose Yahrtzeit falls out this month, on June 13th.  The Rebbe’s approach of unconditional love for every Jew is resonating throughout the Jewish world.

May 2021

Vaccine for Anxiety?!

10% of Americans were infected by Covid-19 over the past year.  In contrast, 47% of Americans experienced anxiety in 2020.

Now that  we seem to have tackled Covid-19 with the vaccine rollout, perhaps it’s time to ask Pfizer to work on an Anxiety Vaccine.

But Judaism offers a better prescription to handle anxiety.  It’s called “Beshert!” We often use the word “beshert” to mean “soulmate,” but the literal translation from Yiddish is “destiny.”

Chassidism teaches us that everything that happens is by Divine Providence and although we must try our hardest, ultimately, the outcome is in the hands of G‑d, and He wants the best for us. 

April 2021

The Suez Canal

Last month, the Suez Canal made world headlines when the Ever Given megaship got stuck in the canal blocking hundreds of ships.

This man made canal, built in 1869 is the most vital connection between Asia and Europe.

By Divine Providence, the world’s attention was turned to the Suez Canal, right during the Passover holiday when we celebrate our Exodus from Egypt.

At Mount Sinai, every one of us received a natural canal connecting us and G‑d.  We are not asked to build it; Just don’t let anything get stuck in between.  

March 2021

DNA vs. mRNA

The FDA just approved the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.  What is unique about this vaccine is that it uses the traditional vaccination method – injecting a minute amount of the virus into the body to fight the disease.

This concept is exactly how Chassidic philosophy views the world.  The goal is to turn every negative force in the world into a positive one.   The virus itself is used as the cure.  We are not fighting darkness; we turn the darkness into light.

When a challenge confronts a person, the lesson is not to surrender and not even to fight.  Just mobilize it to your advantage.

February 2021
Israel as a Case Study

The world is watching Israel and its vaccination campaign to see when the turning point of the pandemic will take place.  

This is not the first time that Israel is on the world’s radar. Ever since G‑d entrusted His people to be a Light unto the Nations, the eyes of the world are directed towards the Holy Land.

This is true about every individual, as well.  We should take into consideration that someone is watching every move that we make – and judging all the Jewish people by our conduct.  Let’s make each other proud! 

January 2021
A Jewish Wish

On Rosh Hashana eve, in many Sephardic communities a famous poem is recited as the opening prayer of the High Holiday service.  This poem was composed in the 13th century by a Spanish Cantor, named Abraham of Gerona and it is chanted as the sun sets over the past year and the New Year begins.

One of the lines in the poem became a famous Jewish New Year’s wish, “May this year and its troubles soon be over and a new one begin with its blessings.”

Even though we celebrated our New Year a few months ago on Rosh Hashana, as we approach 2021,  I will still wish all of us and the rest of the world; “May this year and its troubles soon be over and a new one begin with its blessings.”