January 2020
Chanukah Attack in Monsey

In the middle of a Chanukah party on the seventh night of Chanukah, a terrorist entered a Rabbi’s house in Monsey and stabbed three of his sons and a guest.

As we constantly continue to take steps to improve the safety of our community, there is a hidden spiritual message. Kabbala teaches us that Seven represents the cycle of nature, while Eight represents going above nature.

The seventh day of Chanukah was a tragic day, but the 8th day served as a reminder that the existence of the Jewish people is supernatural.
Judaism will prevail!

February 2020


10,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. The Chinese cities are like ghost towns and anyone that goes out in public is wearing face masks.

Covering your face, may prevent the spreading of the disease, but there is also a ‘side effect’ that comes along with it.  It’s the missing smile! It’s not that everyone is depressed, but even when someone is smiling, you just can’t see it.

We cannot cure the disease – but we can do something on their behalf. Just smile to another person. Kabbala tells us that when one smiles,
G‑d smiles back.

And the smile of G‑d can go a long way.  

March 2020

Purim and Coronavirus

While the coronavirus hysteria is growing, the holiday of Purim is rapidly approaching.  

The story of the Megillah is similar.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, in a country that embraced Jews, their very existence was threatened.   

The salvation was just as swift – overnight the whole situation reversed.

Let’s joyfully celebrate the holiday, and G‑d willing, we will experience a Purim miracle once again.  May the coronavirus disappear as speedily as it came.

April 2020

The Quarantined Seder

There are many jokes floating around social media describing the challenges of being quarantined. It’s hard to find a positive twist to this experience.

The Rebbe taught that in every challenge that we face, there must be a silver lining; it’s just a matter of finding it.

According to the Pew Research, over 70% of American Jews attend a Seder. It’s actually the most practiced ritual of the Jewish religion. But how many of them hosted a Seder in their own home

The very first Passover, when the Israelites were still in Egypt, G‑d ordered the Jews to quarantine themselves in their own homes. This was probably the only time that every single Jewish home hosted a Seder. 

This year, perhaps for the first time since Egypt, in every Jewish home, the 4 questions will be asked, the Afikoman will be found, and the door will be opened for Elijah.

Next year in Jerusalem!