March 2023
What’s Your Destiny?
In the Purim story, when Queen Esther was asked by Mordechai to plead with the king on behalf of the Jewish people, she hesitated. “I wasn’t summoned to the king for thirty days and whoever appears unsummoned, is punished by death.“ 

Mordechai responded, “The Jews will be saved one way or another, but who knows if this isn’t the whole purpose of your royal role!?”

Every one of us has a purpose in this world. We need to ask ourselves what is our ‘royal role’ at this stage of our life.

February 2023

February 1st, seventy two years ago, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the Rebbe, O.B.M. was inaugurated as the leader of the worldwide Chabad movement.

It was exactly one year after the passing of his predecessor and father in law, the Previous Rebbe.

In his inauguration address, the Rebbe made his mission statement clear: The way that one can connect with G‑d, is by sharing his Jewish experience with others.

Today, in his honor, reach out to another Jew!

January 2023

Election Tricks
The Jewish community in New York was shocked to discover that a Congressman that claimed that he was Jewish and a descendant  of Holocaust survivors, lied about his identity. 

I'm sure this news will be dealt with on the local level, but there is an interesting phenomenon in this story.  Fifty years ago, many Jewish politicians tried to cover up their Jewish origins to help their chances to be elected. 

Today, a non-Jewish politician claims to be Jewish, in order to improve his chances at being elected.  What a difference!