January 2019

It’s the Twentieth!

In January of 2000, the first Solon Chabad newsletter was printed. For the next 19 years, each month, a newsletter was published.

As we enter the twentieth year, it’s time to take a pause and reflect. 

When the first newsletter appeared, we were still in the basement of the Solon Professional Building on Aurora Road. What a journey!

This is an opportune time to thank G‑d for all the blessings and thank all of you for joining us on this wonderful and exciting undertaking.

Looking forward to many more years of fun together!

February 2019

60 Days of Good Luck

Super Bowl Sunday is a day of celebration across the United States and no matter who wins, it will lead us straight into two months of happiness.

The joyous holiday of Purim is always in the month of Adar, and therefore the whole month is considered a month of happiness and good luck. 

This year is a Jewish leap year, which means that an extra month is added to our calendar.   

Which month is added? Of course, the most joyous month!  So we end up with two Adars.

Adar begins this week – looking forward to sixty days of good Mazel and happiness!

March 2019

Spaceship Beresheet

Israel is very proud to be the fourth nation to send a spaceship to the moon.  Following the superpowers of America, China and Russia, this is truly an amazing accomplishment.

The spacecraft was manufactured in Israel, but when it came time to launch it, they needed to send it from Cape Canaveral in Florida.  A spaceship is nice, but to send it to outer space, a good launching pad is a must.

Every Jew is G‑d’s spacecraft in this world. To make sure it accomplishes its mission, you need a good launching base – a solid Jewish education.