April 2024
New Torah for Hostage

It’s close to six months since the Oct 7 tragedy, and there are still hostages being held in Gaza.  Solon Chabad will be writing a new Torah dedicated to all who lost their lives in the attack and for the safe return of the hostages.

Participating in the dedication of a new Torah brings extraordinary merit and 

On April 19th we will inaugurate this historic journey and write the first words of the new Torah followed by a community Shabbat dinner. 

Please join us! 

March 2024
Tuition Free

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine just received 1 billion dollars – the largest gift ever given to a medical school in the U.S.  The sole purpose was to create a tuition free school.

In Judaism, this concept is not new.  The Talmud says, that just as G‑d taught the 
Torah to the Jewish people for free, so too Moses taught the Jewish people for free and in turn,  we too are expected to teach others for free.
In a perfect world, there would be no tuition in Jewish schools.  Hopefully this gift will inspire others to make Jewish education tuition free as it was meant to be. 


February 2024
Met at Sinai

Met at Sinai is not just the name of a dating site. It’s true for all of us.  Jewish tradition tells us that every Jewish soul was present at Mount Sinai when G‑d gave the Ten Commandments to the Jewish people.

 At Mount Sinai we became one family;  one people.  This explains our intrinsic
connection to each other.  When we meet a Jew, a stranger from the other
end of the world, there is an instant bond, a connection – we are family. 

Reading the news from Israel is not like a story that happens somewhere on the globe – it’s our brothers and sisters. It’s our story.  

January 2024
Chazak Chazak
The last Shabbat of 2023 is the week that we complete the Book of Genesis in the Synagogue. There is an age old tradition that every time one of the Five Books of Moses are completed, the congregation calls out loud, “CHAZAK CHAZAK V’NITCHAZEK.”

The words translate to “Be Strong, Be Strong and we will be strengthened,” We remind ourselves that the teachings of the Torah give us strength to overcome any and all challenges.

During these unsettling times, let us remind each other: Chazak Chazak V’nitchazek!