January 2009

February 2009


Once again, Israel is at war... and once again, Jews the world over are on "pins and needles" hoping to hear only good news.

Jews worry. We always worry! It’s in our DNA! And it dates back all the way to the Biblical times.

In the famous story of Joseph and the brothers, Judah promised his father Jacob that he would take full responsibility for his youngest brother Benjamin.

Since that time, Jews have always felt responsible for their brethren. That’s why the Jewish nation is not referred to as Hebrews or Israelites anymore, but specifically; Jews – named after Judah.

He cared, and we still care – and always will.

In the Hudson River

But what caught the world’s attention was the heroic behavior of the pilot. Not only did he make an amazing landing, but before he left, he walked thru the plane twice to make sure that nobody was left behind.

Sometimes, the state of the Jewish people can be compared to a plane sinking in the river. The secret to our survival is: taking responsibility for each other, just like the now famous pilot. 

The landing of the airplane in the Hudson River last month was an open miracle of G‑d. If this had taken place in Biblical times, it would have made it to the "front page" of the Book of Exodus, where all the miracles are recorded. 

March 2009

April 2009


The new movie about the Jewish Partisans during World War II tells the story of Tuvia Bielski. The head of the Partisans was faced time and again with the dilemma of whether or not to allow more Jews to join their group.

It was clear that each and every person added to the group added to the danger of being discovered and was another mouth to feed.

Still, even though it completely didn’t make sense, Tuvia Bielski listened to his Jewish instinct and accepted every one of them.

When it comes to decisions that affect other Jews, it doesn’t have to make sense! Use your Jewish intuition!


The Madoff story refuses to get off the media headlines. New victims that were affected by this Ponski scheme are constantly being discovered.

In fact, just by virtue of his Jewish identity, each one of us is really a victim of Madoff. His behavior caused many people all over the world to have a negative perception of Jews. 

This can serve as a good reminder how one’s personal actions can have an effect on the whole Jewish nation.

It works both ways. When we act honorably and morally in our day-to-day affairs, we build a positive image of the Jews, one person at a time.

May 2009

June 2009

  Swine Flu

The swine flu is spreading. The most basic method of prevention is to always wash your hands.

Since Biblical times, hand washing has been an integral part of Jewish life. We wash our hands upon waking up in the morning, before eating Challah, after leaving the cemetery, and the list goes on.

Think about your hands – these are the only part of our bodies that reaches above our head as well as below our feet. In a spiritual sense – hands can do good and uplift us, and they can lower us to the lowest standards.

Let’s make sure our hands are "clean"!

  The Rebbe

Mr. Gordon Zachs, a Jewish activist, once visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Thonce Rebbe encouraged him to get involved in Jewish education.

Seventeen years later, Mr. Zachs came back to see the Rebbe. To his amazement, the Rebbe continued the conversation by asking him, "What are you doing for Jewish education?"

It’s true that the Rebbe happened to have a photographic memory; but I believe that the Rebbe remembered it because Jewish education was his life. When you care, you remember!

As we approach the Rebbe’s Yahrtzeit, let’s learn from him to care – and then we’ll be sure to remember.

July 2009

August 2009

 Michael Jackson

Most celebrities have their 15 minutes of fame or if they’re lucky – 15 years. But very few of them manage to stay in the spotlight for their entire life like Michael Jackson did.

In Jewish life, we often face the same problems as celebrities do. People get excited about their Judaism or a new Mitzvah, but after a while, the enthusiasm wears off and it becomes old news.

Maybe, we as Jews should try to figure out the secret of his success and apply it to Jewish life.

I haven’t figured it out yet, but one thing is for sure, each and every one of us needs to be the Jewish Celebrity of their family – forever!

Money Magazine

Solon is blessed with a great business base, beautiful neighborhoods, a community center, and the great school system that we are all so proud of.

All of this is nice, but for Jews it’s still not enough.

When we move into a new community, we look for a Jewish presence, Jewish neighbors and most importantly vibrant Synagogues and Jewish programs that can give our children a strong Jewish identity.

Yes, Solon has it all!

September 2009 October 2009

 Cash for Clunkers

If I would just have known, I would have kept my clunkers for a little longer!

We are approaching the High Holidays, where Jews flood the Synagogues, seeking a good year from G‑d.

Looking back on the good deeds of the past 12 months, sometimes our Mitzvot look more like clunkers. Yet, we come before G‑d and ask to exchange it for hard "Cash" - a good and healthy year.

The Government program may have ended, but G‑d’s "Cash for Clunkers" season is just beginning.

Wishing you a year of great "cash flow"!!

Netanyahu in the UN

Last week the Prime Minister of Israel spoke eloquently in the U.N. Most of his speech was simply stating basic and obvious truths.

He said that there was a Holocaust (!), that the Jewish people have the right to the State of Israel, and that the people of Israel truly want peace.

These were all concepts that most members of the U.N. know very well – but choose to ignore or deny. Yes, Netanyahu did not shy away from the job of speaking out.

Sometimes we may feel silly to say things that everyone knows, but the only way for truth to prevail is by repeating it proudly again and again.

 November 2009 December 2009

18 Years !!

Milestones in life provide us with the opportunity to reflect on our past and gain a new level of appreciation for the blessings that G‑d gave us.

As we prepare to celebrate Solon Chabad’s 18th anniversary, it’s time to look back at our modest beginnings. From a few individuals attending services in a small living room, Solon Chabad has turned into a vibrant and thriving community.  

In the Shehecheyanu prayer, we thank "G‑d who has granted us life, sustained us and enabled us to reach this occasion"…

Let us say AMEN!


I always wondered why Turkey takes center stage on the Thanksgiving Holiday! I’ve heard all the "traditional" explanations but Judaism teaches us to always search for a deeper meaning.

In Hebrew, a turkey is called " Tarnegol Hodu" – literally translating to " Indian Rooster" –reminding us how Columbus thought he reached India.

But interesting enough, the word Hodu has another meaning as well. It comes from the word, Todah – "thanks"!

Now the Turkey on the table makes sense!