Hebrew School 2020 - Despite Covid challenges  

Note from Miriam:

From our experience from almost 30 years of teaching children in Hebrew School - we saw time and again, that when a child would take "just a year off,' - they came back a year later, and we would have to start all over again. We came to realize that a year in a child's life is equal to 10 years in an adult's life.   We can not afford to take a break!  Our children need to stay connected Jewishly and we must make the effort to find ways to do it SAFELY.   

Outdoor Hebrew School: 
Based on our experience this summer, running 6 weeks of outdoor camp, where we had 63 campers each day divided into 7 pods of 9, thank G‑d, the camp was very successful in implementing many strict protocols to keep us all safe from Covid-19. The same rules and more will apply to the Outdoor Hebrew School program.  When the weather gets very cold, we will move inside in the same small pods but with OPEN AIR CLASSROOMS. The children will need to layer and bring sweaters because we will be keeping windows open thus benefiting from the safety that fresh air provides with a roof and some walls! Please review the Pandemic Protocols with your child.
School Options: 
We are offering 2 Hebrew School options:
K - 7: 
1. In Person (Outside) Sunday mornings 9:30 - noon 
2. Zoom, Sunday afternoons from 4 - 5 pm. 
Grades 3 -7
1. Wednesday, 4 - 5:30 pm OUTDOOR 
2. Tuesdays 4 - 5 pm on Zoom.   
You do NOT have to decide one or the other; you are welcome to switch back and forth as needed. Our suggestion is to start with the Outdoor program and as the weather gets colder, if you are not comfortable with your child going indoors, you can switch to Zoom. The curriculum will be the same for live and virtual and the cost is the same for both

7th grade only
The 7th grade Volunteering/Meeting Jewish Cleveland program will go forward with some adjustment for safety.  Instead of taking trips, volunteering, we will be bringing speakers and volunteer opportunities here and finding outdoor volunteering opportunities (but no carpooling unless you are quarantining together).

September Calendar/Family Services:
There is only ONE regular Sunday class in September. The rest will be Holidays - Rosh Hashana Family Service and Yom Kippur Family Service all held OUTDOORS.  Access the calendar here. I explained on the Zoom how the Outdoor services will work.  Feel free to invite friends - but registration will be required. Adult services will also be held outdoors - ask for more details. 

The recording is below, as well as the Hebrew School sign up link for those who have not yet registered, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  
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