Aleph Champ Reading Books 

You can still earn medals and move up levels! 
Click on your color level to access your book. 

 Aleph Champ Levels:

  White  - Master the first 18 letters of the Aleph Bet.

  Red  - Master all 32 letters of the Aleph Bet.

  Orange  - Master the first 3 vowels with letter combinations.

  Yellow  - Master the first 6 vowels with letter combinations.

  Green - Master the first 9 vowels with letter combinations.

  Purple  - Master reading basic prayers.

 Blue  - Master all the vowels and exceptions to the rules. 

•  Brown  - Master reading high er level prayers..

 Grey - Master reading Hebrew fluently - any Hebrew pages can be used

 Black  - Master reading over 40 words in a minute - any pages can be used


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