May 2020

Yitgadal Viyitkadash

Fifteen years ago, my sister Sternie, and brother in law, Rabbi Benny Wolf moved to Hanover, Germany to open a Chabad Center.  A short time later, a visitor challenged them. 

“Why are you here?” he asked.  “There is no Kosher food, you don’t have a Minyan for services, no Jewish dayschools for your children and you struggle to support your family.

You are a capable couple.  Move to a thriving Jewish community.  You can have top jobs, your kids can have friends and classmates and Kosher food will be down the street.” 

Rabbi Benny looked at him and quoted the beginning of the Kaddish prayer, “Yitgadal, viyitkadash Shimay Rabba.” Literally translated: May His great name be glorified and sanctified.

Benny continued, “My mission here is to make sure that every Jewish child in Hanover will know how to say the Shema, and have the name of G‑d on his lips.”

This week, tragically, we lost my brother in law.  Yitgadal Viyitkadash Shemay Rabba.

- Rabbi Zushe Greenberg

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