November 2020

A Prank at a Bris

Last week, Yehudah Barkan, a famous Israeli actor passed away. A large part of his genre was performing pranks. 

Once Barkan sent an imposter to pretend to be a mohel at the bris of his own nephew.

As the “mohel”  prattles on about how thrilled he is to finally perform a circumcision, the camera stays on the proud bubbe and zayde, who are horrified but too polite to say anything. The “mohel” opens his leather bag and pulls out a pair of gardening shears and an electric saw. As the baby’s mother, Barkan’s sister, draws close to fainting, he reveals that it was a hoax!

When Abraham made a bris when he was 99 years old, it was not a prank. This was real.  

Judaism is Real!  

- Rabbi Zushe Greenberg

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